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Entry in International Festivals

(1)   The majority co-producer shall normally enter co-produced films in international festivals.

(2)   Films produced on the basis of equal contributions shall be entered as a film of the country of which the director is a national, provided that the director is not from a country contemplated in Article 5(1) (a) (iv), in which case the film shall be submitted as a film of the country of which the lead actor is a national, subject to the agreement of the competent authorities of both Contracting Parties.




Minority and majority contribution in the case of multilateral co-productions Subject to the specific conditions and limits laid down in laws and regulations in force in the Contracting Parties, in the case of multilateral co-productions, the minority contribution may not be less than 10% (ten per cent) and the majority contribution may not exceed 70% (seventy per cent) of the total cost of the film.


  Contributions of the producers

(1)   Notwithstanding the provisions of this Agreement and in the interest of bilateral co-productions, even those films, which are produced in one of the two countries and where the minority contribution is limited to financial investment, may be granted co-production status according to the co-production agreement. In such a case, the minority contribution may not be less than 20% (twenty per cent) of the final total cost of the film.

(2)   The granting of co-production status to each individual production of this kind shall be subject to the prior approval by the competent authorities.

(3)   The expenses incurred in the territories of the Contracting Parties for the promotion of such co-productions shall be compensated within two years of the completion of the project.



A general balance should be maintained with regard to both the artistic and technical personnel, including the cast, and with regard to the financial investment and facilities (studios, laboratories, and postproduction).
The Joint Commission, established in terms of article 12, shall carry out a review to see whether this balance has been maintained and, if this is not the case, shall take measures, which it considers necessary in order to re-establish such a balance.



A co-production film and the promotional materials associated with it shall include either a credit title indicating that the film is "an official German-Indian co-production" or "an official Indian German co-production" or where relevant a credit which reflects the participation of the Federal Republic of Germany, Republic of India and the country of the third co producer.


Joint Commission

  1. (1)   The Joint Commission shall be composed of representatives from Government and from the film, television and video industries of both Contracting Parties.
  2. (2)   The role of the Joint Commission shall be to supervise and review the implementation and operation of this Agreement and to make any proposals considered necessary to improve the implementation of the Agreement.
  3. (3)   The Joint Commission shall be convened, whether by meeting or otherwise, at the request of either of the Contracting Parties within six months of such a request.
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