Negatives, First-Release Print and Languages
At least one negative and one duplicate negative shall be made of all Audiovisual Co-productions. Each Co-producer shall be entitled to make a further duplicate or prints there from. Each Co-producer shall also be entitled to use the original negative in accordance with the conditions agreed upon between the Co-producers themselves. The storage of the original negative shall be as mutually decided by the Co-producers.
Audiovisual Co-productions shall be made and processed up to the manufacture of the first release print in the Republic of India or in the Federative Republic of Brazil or, when there is a third co-producer, in that third co-producer’s country.
The original soundtrack of each Audiovisual Co-production shall be made in Hindi, or any other Indian language or dialect, or in English or Portuguese, or in any combination of those permitted languages. Dialogue in other languages may be included in the Audiovisual Co-production, as the script requires.
The dubbing or subtitling into one of the permitted languages of the Republic of India or into Portuguese shall be carried out in the Republic of India or in the Federative Republic of Brazil. Any departure from this principle must be approved by the Competent Authorities.


  International Festivals
1. The majority Co-producer shall normally enter Audiovisual Co-productions in international festivals.
2. Audiovisual works produced on the basis of equal contributions shall be entered as an Audiovisual Work of the country which the director is from.
  Location Shooting
1. The Competent Authorities may approve location shooting in a country other than those of the participating co-producers.
Notwithstanding Article 6, where location shooting is approved in accordance with the present Article, citizens of the country in which location shooting takes place may be employed as crowd artists, in small roles, or as additional employees whose services are necessary for the location work to be undertaken.
An Audiovisual Co-production shall include a title, in the initial credits, indicating that the Audiovisual Work is an “Official Indian – Brazilian Co-Production” or an “Official Brazilian – Indian Co-Production”. The promotional material associated with the audiovisual work shall likewise include a credit reflecting the participation of the Republic of India, the Federative Republic of Brazil and, when relevant, the country of a third co-producer.


  Temporary Entry into the Country
For approved Audiovisual Co-productions, each Contracting Party shall facilitate, in accordance with the domestic law in force in its country:
entry into and temporary residence in its territory for technical and artistic personnel of the other Contracting Party;
the import into and export from its territory of technical and other film making equipment and materials by producers of the other Contracting Party; and
the transfer of funds destined for payments related to the audio-visual co-productions.
2. These dispositions also apply to third parties, approved under Article 5 of the present agreement.


  Joint Commission
A Joint Commission shall be established comprising representatives of the Competent Authorities from both Contracting Parties.
The role of the Joint Commission shall be to evaluate the implementation and operation of this Agreement and to make any proposals considered necessary to improve the effect of the Agreement.
The Joint Commission shall be convened, whether by meeting or otherwise, at the request of either of the Contracting Parties within six months of such a request.
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