Co-Production Treaty India & Italy
the name of the director (a substitution clause is permitted to provide for his/her replacement if necessary);
the budget, identifying the expenses to be incurred by each Co-producer;
the financing plan;
a clause establishing the sharing of revenues, markets, media or a combination of these;
a clause detailing the respective shares of the co-producers in any over expenditure; the minority co-producer’s share may be limited to a lower percentage or to a fixed amount, provided that the minimum proportion permitted under Article 4 of the Agreement is respected;
a clause recognizing that admission to benefits under this Agreement does not constitute a commitment that governmental authorities in India will grant a license to permit public exhibition of the Audiovisual Work;
a clause prescribing the measures to be taken where:
after full consideration of the case, the Competent Authorities in either country refuse to grant the benefits applied for;
either one or the other Contracting Party fails to fulfil its commitments.
the period when shooting is to begin;
a clause stating that the majority Co-producer shall take out an insurance policy covering at least “all production risks” and “all original material production risks”; and
a clause providing for the sharing of the ownership of copyright on a basis that it is proportionate to the respective contributions of the Co-producers.
The distribution contract, if it has already been signed, or a draft if it has yet to be concluded.
A list of the creative and technical personnel indicating their nationalities.
The production schedule.
Final shooting script.
The Competent Authorities can demand any further documents and all other additional information deemed necessary.
Amendments, including the replacement of a co-producer, may be made in the original contract, but they must be submitted for approval by the Competent Authorities before the Audiovisual Co-production is finished. The replacement of a co-producer may be allowed only in exceptional cases and for reasons satisfactory to the Competent Authorities.
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