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Academy awards (OSCAR) rules
81st Academy Awards (Digital Qualification and Submission Rules, Informal Notes
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I've heard about encrypted DCP's, and KDM's. What do these terms mean for me?
During the mastering process, you will have the option to encrypt your film, thus ensuring that only locations you authorize can play back your film. Should you decide to encrypt your film, this secure DCP needs a digital "key" to unlock the content for playback. The package in which this key is delivered to the theater is called a KDM (Key Delivery Message). Every theater that will play your film will need a KDM that is specific to that site. With this key you can determine where, when, and for how long the movie can be played.
If you encrypt your film, then you will need to manage your KDM's. Many digital cinema mastering facilities can also provide key management services. Please note that the Academy rules do not address the security aspect of DCP's. Obviously, if you encrypt your film, you will need to be sure to provide KDM's for Academy screenings.


What do I need to submit to the Academy?
You will need to submit a copy of your DCP, as supplied to you by your mastering facility. As noted above, this will be a computer hard drive—typically a USB drive. Please remember that your hard drive will become the property of the Academy, and will not be returned to you.



There are DCP mastering facilities worldwide.


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