Entertainment Tax

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Maharashtra - 45%
  No tax for Marathi Films. Besides tax exemption subsidy of Rs.15 lakhs is given to Marathi Films.
  In Maharashtra the subsidy given to the producers are as under:
1. Rs.15 lakhs at the time of starting the next production.
2. Rs.20 lakhs if the film is being produced in 35 mm Dolby/Digital. This subsidy is given to 5 producers in a year on the basis of the script selected by the government.
3. Additional Rs.15 lakhs if the film gets a National Award.
Admission rate upto Rs.2/- 60%
Admission rate above Rs.2/- 70%
Panjab - NIL
Rajasthan - 35%
  Tamil Nadu
Tamil Films No Tax
Others 15%

Uttaranchal - 40%

  Uttar Pradesh - 60% (likely to be 30% soon)

West Bengal

Bengali & Nepali 10%
Others 30%
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