The objects for which the Federation is established are:
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  To do all acts or to assist in the doing of all acts of all kinds whereby the film industry and. allied industries arid trades or the persons engaged therein in India may be assisted, helped or aided in any manner whatsoever and without pre juice to .the generality of the above to do any of the following acts and things:

Organize Persons in the Film Industry.
To organise the persons engaged in the film industry or any class or classes of such persons.

Look After Their Welfare
To look after the welfare of all such persons or class or classes of such persons.

To give all information on matters affecting the production, distribution or exhibition of films in India or abroad, or manufacture or imports or sale or purchase of cinematographic equipments and goods and other materials of use to the film industry.

To collect and disseminate information above all maters relating to the film industry and allied industries and trades, and in particular statistics of all kinds.

Contact Between Branches. of the Industry
To bring into contact persons engaged in the production, distribution and exhibition of films and trades and professions ancillary or allied there to.

Experimental and Research Work
To undertake and carry on experimental and research work of all kinds which may benefit the industry.

To establish And maintain a Museum or other repository for all films of permanent value and for any articles or things used in or relating to the film industry which may be may be of value and which may be desirable to be preserved.

Internal Regulation of the Industry
To formulate rules for the conduct of members and other persons in the film industry in India and to change or vary the same from time to time, such rules relating either to the personal conduct of the members inter se Or relating to the usages and customs to be observed in the industry.
  Settlement or Disputes
To settle all disputes between members of the Federation 07- between persons engaged in the film industry and to arbitrate amongst such contesting parties.
  Film Culture
To encourage, assist and extend the technical and general knowledge and information connected with the film industry by the organization, presentation of prizes, awards or by lectures, discussions, correspondence, conferences, or by the publication of magazines, newspapers, periodicals, maps, charts, statistics, books of reference, etc., by examining and criticizing stories, scripts, scenarios, etc., and generally by encouraging the industry in all possible ways and by otherwise promoting the interests of those engaged in the Industry.

To establish and maintain a Library of books relating to the industry. To establish technical-schools for the training or Directors and technicians and to encourage the technical development of the. Industry in all possible ways.

To establish an academy for the training of artistes, writers, authors, composers, musicians etc., and to encourage and roster the development of fine arts in all possible ways.
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