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FIAPF First Vice President T. P. Aggarwal at WIPO conference in Marrakech

Barely weeks into his re-election as first Vice President of the world’s leading producers body FIAPF, Shri T. P. Aggarwal, Vice President, Film Federation of India has been entrusted with the onerous responsibility of being India’s representative from the producers side as a part of the FIAPF delegation at the WIPO diplomatic conference to be held in Marrakech, Morocco between the 17th and 28th of June, 2013.

This conference assumes immense significance as it aims to adopt an international treaty to improve access to copyrighted works for the many visually impaired and people with print disabilities around the world. Government nominees of more than 80 countries including India will be represented at this prestigious conclave.

The FIAPF delegation is expected to play an important role and Shri Aggarwal’s presence will undoubtedly boost the delegation. Accompanying Shri Aggarwal as part of the delegation will be FFI’s Secretary General and FIAPF executive committee member Shri Supran Sen.

Issued by Film Federation of India 
Mahendra M. Jadhav
Senior Executive

T. P. Aggarwal re-elected as FIAPF's First Vice President

At the General Assembly of FIAPF (Fédération Internationale des Associations de Producteurs de Films) held on 18th of May at Cannes, Shri T.P. Aggarwal (Vice President Film Federation of India) was re-elected as its First Vice President. Other board members from India re-elected are Shri L. Suresh (Vice President, FFI) and Shri Supran Sen (Secretary General, FFI)

Many important issues were discussed at the Executive Committee meeting and the General Assembly. The most important amongst them was the recent development impacting the producers’ community vis a vis the forthcoming WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) conference regarding the copyright implementations for Visually Impaired Persons. A large delegation representing FIAPF will attend the conference to be held at Marrakech, Morocco between the 17th and 28th of June. Other key issues included the challenges confronting the producers in respective countries.

FIAPF also amended the constitution to include a Vice President from African countries with the election of Mr. Alex Eyengho from Nigeria. Changes in the festival regulations were also discussed threadbare post the General Assembly. Working groups have been set up to suggest the alterations. The Working Group will meet in various cities of the world and will submit its report shortly. From India, 4 festivals are accredited to FIAPF- International Film Festival of India (IFFI), MAMI film festival, Kolkata International Film Festival and Kerala International Film Festival. 

Issued by Film Federation of India 
Mahendra M. Jadhav
Senior Executive


The Annual General Assembly of FIAPF is convened on the 18th of May at Cannes. Mr. T. P. Aggarwal as First Vice President, Mr. L. Suresh as Auditor and Mr. Supran Sen as Executive Committee member will be attending the assembly.

This year’s General Assembly assumes particular significance as apart from the other items, there will be discussions on the key issues and challenges for world-wide film producer community. Among the key issues, the most important is the focus on the Diplomatic Conference at Marrakech (Morocco) on the access to public works by Visually Impaired Persons and persons with print disability. WIPO Conference will be held during the third-fourth week of June.

The earlier three day intensive discussion between WIPO member states on the proposed new international legal instrument on limitations and exceptions for the blind and print impaired failed to reach a clear consensus.  Hence at Marrakech, WIPO will take a final call on the matter. Large number of countries including India will participate at the Marrakech conference. As a high profile NGO FIAPF will participate in the conference. FIAPF delegation among others will comprise Mr. T. P. Aggarwal and Mr. Supran Sen. 

For Film Federation of India 
Mahendra M. Jadhav
Senior Executive

FFI President Bijay Khemka Assumes Office

Shri Bijay Khemka from Kolkata took charge of FFI Presidentship on January 1. Other Office bearers are--
Shri Vindo K. Lamba (Delhi)- Vice President
Shri T. P. Aggarwal (Mumbai) - Vice President
Shri L. Suresh (Chennai) - Vice President
Shri Jitendra Jain (Indore)- Vice President
Shri Ravi Kottarakara (Chennai) - Vice President
Shri K. C. N. Chandrashekhar (Bangaluru) - Vice President
Shri Ram Vidhani (Mumbai) - Vice President
Shri K. Rama Subba Reddy (Hyderabad) - Vice President
Shri C. Kalyan (Hyderabad) - Hon. General Secretary
Shri R. P. Anand (Mumbai) - Hon. General Secretary
Shri Sangram Shirke (Mumbai) - Hon. Treasurer
Shri Supran Sen is the Secretary General.

Shri Khemka, while speaking at the Media and Entertainment Business Conclave organised by FICCI in Kolkata recently, expressed his serious concern about the embargo imposed in some countries regarding the export of Indian films. He had a threadbare discussion with the Information and Broadcasting Minister of Bangladesh Janab Hasanula Haq Inu regarding the ban of Bangla films in his country. The Minister was quite receptive and agreed to invite FFI delegation to Dhaka to sort out the matter. Shri Khemka besides charting out the issues confronting the film industry today has drawn other agenda for the period 2013 including a gala function to celebrate 100 years of Indian Cinema. The first event whicn FFI has planned to organise is the INDIA FILM TOURISM CONCLAVE in Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai in early February.

For Film Federation of India

Mahendra M. Jadhav
Senior Executive

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